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  • SS-011-Watching-Water-Boil

    SS 011 Watching Water Boil

    Podcast (standing-stronger-podcast): Download Have you ever sat and watched water boil? Man, it takes forever! Howeve, if yo u put it on the stove, walk away, and continue to works… it boils in no time flat. So, how can we apply this principle of boiling water into our everyday lives? Thant is what we talk…

Standing Stronger Daily

  • SSD-011-the-Seven-P's

    SSD 011 The Seven P’s

    Podcast: Download “Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.” – United States Army One thing I learned in the military is that you must plan in order to succeed. They use to drill into our head the 7P’s which stands for prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance. We would train for situations until those…

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