September 22


Have you ever faced life in a circle? Where you can see past events or circumstances come right back around? Not the here we go again frustrations, but the wow life hit pause and then picked back up almost 20 years later. It’s a weird, exciting, scary feeling. (Don’t quite know the word for all of those emotions at once) Right now I am going back to school with our children. Jordan is being homeschooled and that means Mom is back in 6th grade. Makenzie is starting to learn shapes, colors, letters, communication, so Mom is in pre-k as well. What a challenge. A new beginning.

I am writing and starting my speaking journey again. Yes, again. You only fail when you give up. So I am back at the beginning with this journey. Doesn’t mean the first 3 times were wrong, just means there was more to learn. Back at the beginning.

My husband and I are facing a circumstance for a decision that was made many years ago. More to come on this later, however, back at the beginning.

My point is going back to the beginning is not a bad place to be. A couple of things I remember from the past is you must be still until it is time and you must have perspective. Standing still is tough for someone like me as I have a leader personality. I want to take charge, make it happen, advise a plan and move. There have been and will be many times that I have to stop or be stopped to be still. I much rather stop on my own than someone or a situation stop me. When I am stopped, I know it usually takes me to a place of pity and low self-worth, as I feel like I am not good enough to achieve. But then comes perspective!!! What a hard thing to truly learn. Not only my own perspective, because I can justify that right? But the perspective of those around me. This does not mean they are right and I am wrong, its just another view of the situation.

So to enjoy this new beginning, What do I need to do? First, I must focus. Focus on time management. Focus on God. Focus on being still and evaluating what is best for me and my family in every situation. Those are all things that need their own blog.

I am going to stop at step one and focusing as that is where I am right now. I am not taking control, I am standing still.

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Be Still, Beginning, focus, Perspective

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