August 10

Cinderella Shoe


imageHave you ever tried to shove your foot in a glass slipper? Me either, that’s a fairy tale. However, I have tried to shove my size 8 into a size 7 because I loved the shoes so much. It was tight and painful. They put blisters on my feet. I thought they would look perfect with a certain outfit. I just have to have them…The pain i was willing to put myself through just to make them fit. In a perfect world maybe but reality is, it doesn’t work for me.

How true is this for our everyday life? The thought, if this would just happen it would be perfect? or if this person would just do this it would all come together. But the truth is it doesn’t fit. It doesn’t fit in God’s plan. We try so hard to make it fit in our world that we leave him out of the plan and therefore, if it does work, it will just be for the moment or the plan will be unsuccessful from the start.

I watched my one year old try to put on her shoes today. Now I admire her for trying because she hates shoes. In this scene she became frustrated that this shoe was to small for her fat feet that she tried the alternative, her hands. Now we all know this plan of hers is not going to succeed, however the effort and determination was there. You see no matter what angle we try if your plan is not God centered it is not going to work.

We also get caught up in our timing. God I am ready to move now. Put this plan into action. Have you ever thought you may be ready but the whole plan is not. God doesn’t use just one person all of the time. Sometimes we have to wait on others to be submissive to him for the plan to be complete. God doesn’t work on time, he works on people.

So how do we accomplish a God centered plan?
pray for God to use you for his purpose
pray for wisdom and discernment
do not get ahead of the plan and complicate things
always be willing to give thanks in all circumstances to know he works all things for your good
Remember trials are there for a reason. James 1- so we will develop perseverance and be complete lacking nothing


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