April 27

Frustration at its Highest


Urgggghhhh Here we go again. Daily frustrations. People, things, me. Anything and Everything irritating me. My frustration is at its highest. Is it me? Is it the world? Is it anything I can blame it on? I go through this cycle monthly. That’s right you can blame it on the female hormones, however, I know guys struggle with this too. We are human. When things start to unbalance we all self-destruct. I start with I am tired and do not feel like doing anything. Then I eat everything in sight for comfort. Then the mind games start when I say I am a failure, lazy, fat. I will never get where I want to be because I don’t care enough. I have no focus. Oh, I can keep going. And don’t even act like you do not throw a pity party. But now what? One week of feeling like this and telling myself these things I start to wonder, Is this my reality? Is this who I am?

No, no it is not. I know I am a smart, strong, confident woman who achieves what I set my mind to. I know I am a good mom and wife. I know sometimes life just seems like you need a vacation. So now I must put on my big girl panties and move forward. It is always the same thing. I quit focusing on all of the positive and let my mindset change to the negative. I get scared of achieving greatness. I start to say, who am I to lead others? I can’t even lead myself. I have to pull myself out of this and move forward. Is it hard? yes!! Is it worth doing? Yes!!! I have to. I was not created to live my life like this.

I now have to detox everything I have done in the past week. I have to change my eating habits. No more processed sugars, no more soda. I have to go to bed on time and quit caring about the new show I found on Hulu. Sleep for me means 10 hours nothing less than 8. Exercise. Yep, I said it. I have to keep moving. Whether it’s a walk, run, or boot camp, I have to move. Schedule. Make my schedule and cross it off. This helps me stay on track and focused daily. Who cares if I do not get to everything. It does not mean I have failed, it simply means other things took priority over the day. Move on. And if something hinders your schedule, think of it as a blessing. You never know who needed to see you or needed your time over cleaning or appointments.

So now I am asking for your help. What do you do when you get unfocused and how do get out of the rut? Society has taught us to accept our current situation. This is just how it is for people like us. What a load of you know what. You are in control of your destiny. You are in control of your future. What you choose today will change your tomorrow. So what will it be? Sit in the pity party that you are at by yourself because no one wanted to come? or Choose to move forward. Choose a positive path and create a happy setting for you and those around you? I am choosing happy. Hope you will join me. Comment below, Let’s get through it together.

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