April 6

Striving to Be the Best You


Day 1: Why????

Why, that is the question? Why be better? Why achieve more? Why strive for greatness?

For me it is several things. The image I am created in. My body is a temple. My husband deserves someone who takes care of themselves. My children deserve a great role model. I deserve to feel great!!!!

First the image of God is who I am created by. How can I look in the mirror and say you are not good enough. That is a lie. That is what the enemy wants me to believe. I will not fall short this year of what God has created me for. I always let fear get in my way and do not trust in the Lord to set my path straight. I will make this my #1 rule this year!!

My body is a temple. How can I not care for this amazing body that God has designed for me. It is like no other. I choose the foods that go in my mouth. I choose whether I run or stay in bed. I choose to be lazy or move. This year I choose move. I will meet my goals this year.

My husband, My husband, my husband….. he treats me like royalty. He provides for me, he leads me, he is my rock and my gift that I have been given to journey through this life. He deserves me to be healthy, beautiful, and on fire.

Oh my children. My children will look at me and say they are blessed to have me as their mother. My children will be lead positively this year. My children will look at their childhood and be grateful for the life and opportunities they were given. I will not talk down about myself because those are lies of the enemy. How can I expect my children to believe they are created for greatness if I do not set the standard for them?

Me:) I will be the best version of me that this world has ever seen. I will smile more, laugh more, dance more, read more, run more, write more. I will be MORE!!!!

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